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Susan Richardson is a writer and poet.  She is the author of Things My Mother Left Behind, from Baxter House Editions, and Tiger Lily, an Ekphrastic Collaboration with artist Jane Cornwell, published by JC Studio Press.  Her poetry has appeared in The Storms, Crannog, Door is Ajar, DarkWinter Lit, California Quarterly, The Opiate Magazine, and Rust+Moth, among others. Susan also writes the blog, “Stories from the Edge of Blindness”, and hosts the podcast, “A Thousand Shades of Green.” Originally from Los Angeles, she now lives in Ireland with her husband Joe, their pugs Blossom and Jade, and their cats Daisy and Poppy.

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A Thousand Shades Of Green

A Thousand Shades of Green, hosted by Susan Richardson, is a podcast dedicated to celebrating contemporary authors. Join Susan to hear some of her favourite poems and stories and to discover an incredible array of new poets and writers.

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Things My Mother Left Behind is about the undeniable connections between love and grief, joy and pain.  It is an exploration of one woman’s journey through the loss of loved ones, loss of sight, loss of control and innocence.  It is about escaping into darkness and discovering light. 

  • "This book provides a fascinating insight into the mind of an incredible writer. The imagery is evocative, visceral, inventive and impossible to forget. There is darkness yet threads of hope and strength too. I've read it twice already and know that I will dip in and out of it for years to come."

    ~ Steve Denehan

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    Tiger Lily is a collection of paintings and poems that grew from a creative partnership which began in 2020 with an ekphrastic challenge hosted by writer Paul Brookes.  It is a collaboration of images and words, an exploration of diverse artistic expression that explodes on the page in extraordinary and surprising ways.  Jane Cornwell’s artwork and Susan Richardson’s poems come together to tell unexpected stories, delve into a world of dreams and embark on a journey into the facets of light and darkness. 

  • “If a picture is worth a thousand words and a thousand words can create a picture, then Tiger Lily, the result of a collaboration between poet Susan Richardson and artist Jane Cornwell, is a visual feast.”

    ~Suzanne Craig-Whytock

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      poetry excerpt, I longed to cast off my costume of rags and emerge as a younger replica of you.