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Tiger Lily

An Ekphrastic collaberation
Tiger Lily is a collection of paintings and poems that grew from a creative partnership, which began in 2020 with an ekphrastic challenge hosted by writer Paul Brookes. 

It is a collaboration of images and words, an exploration of diverse artistic expression that explodes on the page in extraordinary and surprising ways. Jane Cornwell’s artwork and Susan Richardson’s poems come together to tell unexpected stories, delve into a world of dreams, and embark on a journey into the facets of light and darkness.
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“If a picture is worth a thousand words and a thousand words can create a picture, then Tiger Lily, the result of a collaboration between poet Susan Richardson and artist Jane Cornwell, is a visual feast.”
-Suzanne Craig - Whytock
“Tiger Lily is a serenade to nature, a symphonic ode to darkness. Throughout, the interplay between artist and poet sparkles in a way both natural and stunning; poem and picture combine and supercharge, transporting the reader to worlds of tenderness and wild enchantment”.
-Lawrence Moore
“The poems showcase a writer at the height of her powers and an artist capable, somehow, of painting dreams. They are so perfectly in tune that it almost appears that there is an overlap between the minds of both.”
-Steve Denehan
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