Editorial Services

Susan Richardson is an experienced editor and proofreader. She has edited novels, short stories, poems, poetry collections, websites and academic papers. She is also a published writer with a full length poetry collection, "Things My Mother Left Behind”, published by Potter's Grove Press, and a forthcoming ekphrastic collaboration with artist Jane Cornwell, titled ”Tiger Lily", published by JC Studio Press.

 Editorial services and fees are listed below.
old type writer
*fees are not fixed and are subject to change on a project by project basis
*listed prices are per word
First and broadest stage of the editorial process, identifying any big picture concerns, including overall feeling and flow, content cohesiveness, clarity, structure etc.- €0.009
Editorial Assessment
A less intensive content/development edit - €0.007
Copy Editing
A fine tuning read through to check for any eeded punctuation and sentence structure changes - €0.005
The final step in the editing process, a safety net to sweep up any remainingmistakes, typos ect. - €0.003
This covers all three stages of the editing process - €0.012
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